Summer Roof Maintenance Lancaster

Now that summer is here we’ve put together some handy tips for roof maintenance.With the good weather it is an ideal time to check your roof for any signs of wear. Please see the list below:

Inspect Guttering

Make sure to clean out gutters, downspouts and drains. You can then test them by running water through, checking for leaks in as you go.

Check Roof Valleys

Take a minute to look at your roof valleys as there may be debris present.

Check For Loose Or Cracked Slates / Tiles

Take the time to walk around and look for lifting or cracked tiles / slates and also any moss growth. Getting a smaller problem fixed early can prevent larger roof repairs in the future.

Remove Any Tree Brances That Are Near

This may sound obvious but make sure there are no trees or branches or other objects that are too close to your roof that could cause damage ion high winds. 

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